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The benefits of the Spritz Affiliate Program for Web3 content creators
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Table of Contents:

We’re excited to roll out a new feature for all of the content creators in our community: the Spritz Affiliate Program!

Web3 is about community, and the excitement and positive feedback that we got from our referral program since launching it last year has shown us that community can go far in this industry. Over the last couple of months we’ve been working hard to develop an affiliate program for our content creators. This program is a great opportunity for content creators to earn from sharing Spritz with their audiences, and is designed to offer greater rewards for helping to grow our community.

How the program works

The Spritz Affiliate Program is ideal for semi-professional or professional content creators with a total audience size greater than 5,000 subscribers/viewers/followers. Spritz Affiliates will be able to create and share a promo code that they can use within their content. When new users sign up for Spritz with the promo code, creators will earn a reward for the initial sign up plus added incentives to earn continuous rewards each month.

This revenue share model will allow content creators to earn a percentage of the total transaction volume that comes from each of the users they bring to Spritz as a reward on top of the initial sign-up referral bonus!

All affiliates (whether a Spritz user or not) will get access to a Spritz Affiliate portal in order to obtain/generate their codes/links and track results. Affiliates can redeem their earnings in USD or USDC, or in Spritz credits if they’re existing users. This allows our affiliates to earn from Spritz even if they’re not users themselves, meaning that anyone in the world can sign up for the affiliate program and start earning even if our services are not yet available in your country! 

The benefits of joining the Spritz Affiliate Program

  • Earn more for each new user that you bring to Spritz! Take home $25 for each user who signs up for Spritz with your affiliate code, plus earn 10% of the fees that they pay for an entire year, on every transaction! 
  • Enjoy no monthly cap on earnings—the more people you bring to Spritz, the more you earn! 
  • Take your rewards home in USDC or Spritz credits—you don’t need to be a US-based Spritz user in order to earn for bringing new users! 

One of the things we love most about DeFi is that there is no limit to what you can earn on-chain, and we’re bringing that concept to Spritz with our new affiliate program! The Spritz Affiliate Program is the best way to earn from sharing Spritz with your audience! Get in touch today to learn more about the program and sign up. 

The Spritz Team

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