Cash out of your crypto in just one transaction

Pay your bills, offramp, or load a virtual debit card with your crypto straight from your preferred wallet, in one transaction

  • Keep your data private
  • Easy KYC
  • Supports 1000's of tokens!
  • Instant off-ramps
  • High limits from day 1
  • Low fees

What the Spritz community is saying

In 2023 our users have
off-ramped $23 million in crypto!
Love this service!

I have been using Spritz for several months now and it has gone great. The only issue I have had is that I signed up with my Google account. I have found the integration works best with Spritz when you use your Decentralized Wallet browser but, these browsers don’t work with Google’s authentication. So, I recommend you sign up with a regular username and password to prevent frustration. I now use Chrome and my DecWallet and it works great!

Justin Steidinger

I used Spritz to payoff my 19k credit…

I used Spritz to payoff my 19k credit card bill and to off ramp with no issues. They respond to any concerns within 24 hours even via email. Definitely will continue to use their service in the future.

Spritz gets an A+ from me

Spritz is a terrific service. They have been consistently reliable for both bill pay service and off-ramp. I have used the service for at least a half-dozen different bill pays, and all have gone through right on schedule. Their off-ramp is also significantly faster than, which I've used before. Huge fan!


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