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Choose where to draw funds from

Do you prefer to fund your expenses from your extensive investment holdings to let your gains run? Or do you prefer to use your stablecoin yield farm?
We support dozens of ways to program your payments.

Link your existing crypto wallets

Keep control and custody of your funds and invest however you like in between bills. Revoke access or change your linked wallets at any time.

Integrate with all your bills

Safely link your bills and we’ll help you make payments when and how you want to do so, with over 1000+ integrations available in the US.


Frequent Questions

How does Spritz work?

At Spritz, we are building the bridges to connect your crypto and real-world personal finances - starting with DeFi billpay.  You keep control of your digital assets in your Spritz account, and you can transfer your funds or change access at any time.  During account setup, connect your DeFi wallet which you will use for signing transactions with the Spritz Vault.  IMPORTANT: Spritz will never ask for your private keys

Which countries do you support?

Most of our billing providers are currently based in North America. We will be adding integrations for billers in Europe, LatAm, and Asia over time.

Which wallets do you support?

The Spritz app currently supports Metamask, Coinbase, Ledger, Trezor, and Tally wallets.  The app will detect your browser-injected wallet for an easy connection.

Which blockchain networks do you support?

We currently support Polygon network. We plan to add in the future other EVM-compatible networks, as well as Solana and Avalanche.

How does Spritz connect to my bill pay accounts?

Spritz uses Plaid to connect to your real-world expenses.  Plaid supports thousands of finance providers and is used by over 5,000 fintech companies worldwide.  In the Spritz app, connect your real-world credit cards, student loan, mortgage, and more.  You can add and remove TradFi accounts in the Spritz app at any time.

What are the tax implications?

When we pay your bill, you are swapping or selling crypto tokens, which can generate tax responsibilities. Earnings from liquidity pools and yield farms may also be taxable. We plan to provide a clear and simple transaction report to make it easy for you to fulfill any tax filing requirements each year.  In the meantime, you can easily add your Spritz Vault address to popular crypto tax services like