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Announcing Spritz Off-ramp: Crypto to USD bank transfers made easy

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announcing spritz off-ramp crypto to usd bank transfer


The Spritz Off-ramp lets users automatically convert their crypto on any supported blockchain to $USD and send it to their bank account in a single transaction. Forget all the swaps, centralized exchanges, and paying multiple fees - with Spritz you can instantly off-ramp your crypto in seconds.

Since launching with crypto bill pay earlier this year, we’re excited to announce our latest product feature to the Spritz beta app: Off-ramp! The Spritz Off-ramp lets you transfer crypto to any connected bank account in a single transaction, without having to swap crypto or send it to an exchange first.

Now you can send any crypto you hold on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, or BNB Chain  to your bank accounts straight from your Web3 wallet. As we continue to build the Spritz product, it was important to us to be able to offer a product suite that allows our community to get the most out of DeFi without having to rely on TradFi structures, such as centralized exchanges, and dealing with the complexity and costs that off-ramping crypto from a self-custodian wallet typically takes.

How to off-ramp crypto to any bank account using Spritz

1. Access “Off-ramp” from the Spritz app

To use Off-ramp, click on the “Off-ramp” section of the Spritz app and then select “Add a bank account.”

2. Add your bank account

You’ll then be prompted to add your bank account details, including an account nickname for easy access later. Add your ACH routing number and your bank account number, then confirm your account number and choose the type of account (Savings, Checking, or Business account).

You’ll need to confirm that you’re the account owner on the bank account you’re adding to Spritz. We do not currently offer the ability to send ACH transfers to bank accounts that are not your own, but we’re exploring that as an option for the future.

3. Complete your crypto transfer

Select the connected bank account you want to off-ramp your crypto by clicking “Off-ramp crypto” from the account card. You then are prompted to connect your crypto wallet. MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and WalletConnect all work great with Spritz.

Similar to paying bills using Spritz, you’ll then input the dollar amount you want to off-ramp, and confirm which token from your wallet you’d like to convert to $USD and transfer to your bank account. You can also switch blockchain networks at any time as we support payments and off-ramps from Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain.

Once ready, you’ll then just need to approve the off-ramp transaction from your wallet (allowing Spritz to off-ramp that specific token from your wallet). Once you approve the transaction, you’ll then complete the final step, which is clicking “Off-ramp [crypto]” to complete the transaction.

You’ll be notified via email that your crypto transfer has started, and you can also track your “Transfers in progress” and “Completed transfers” directly from the app.

Enjoy saving your hard-earned money and time by using Spritz to off-ramp your crypto effortlessly!

We’ve been working hard to bring your most requested features to the Spritz beta. You can now off-ramp any token on the Ethereum, BNB Chain, or Polygon networks, which includes popular coins like $ETH, BNB, and $MATIC, as well as stablecoins, such as $USDC, $USDT, $BUSD, and thousands of other tokens, which will be instantly converted to USD and transferred to your bank account.

Spritz gives you more freedom and flexibility than ever in how you connect your crypto to the real-world, whether you're paying IRL bills, or need to off-ramp your crypto for something else.

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The Spritz Team

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