Unleash Earning Power with Friends!

Sign up for Spritz, earn up to 25% of your friends' trading fees.

Tourist & Local:
Dive into Spritz's referral rewards, where every connection counts! The first step for the newcomers – The Tourist Tier – gifts you and your friends a $25 reward when they transact $100+ within their first 30 days. Stepping up to The Local Tier, you both enjoy a $40 cashback when they complete $2,000+ in transactions in their first 30 days with Spritz.

VIP & Ongoing Rewards:
The journey steps up with The VIP Tier. When your friend hits $20,000+ in transactions, they get a 25% fee revenue share – and so do you! That's just the beginning! Consistent referring will get you into the Spritz Referral Club, unlocking monthly bonuses of up to 15% on your referrals' fees. It’s the club that keeps on giving!

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Spritz Referral Program

Referral Tier
Referee Volume Requirement
(within first 30 days)
Referrer Reward
(at the end of referee’s first 30 days)
Referee Reward
(at the end of referee’s first 30 days)
The Tourist Tier
The Local Tier
The VIP Tier
commission on referee’s fees
fee revenue share

Looking for continuous rewards?
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Spritz Referral Clubs

Consistent referrals unlock the Referral and Elite Referral Clubs, offering monthly bonuses up to 15% on the previous month’s referral fees.

To Qualify
(over the last three months)
Referrer Reward
(from fees your referrals generate)
Referral Club
≥30 new Tourist users
OR ≥$100,000 volume
5% bonus
added to the previous month’s payout
Elite Referral Club
≥100 new Tourist users
OR ≥$500,000 volume
15% bonus
on the previous month’s referral payout

*Note: Tourist, Local, and VIP rewards are calculated based the referred user's transaction volume after the first 30 days post sign-up, and rewards will be distributed after that 30 day period has ended. Your club status is assessed monthly over a rolling 3-month period. Rewards are based on new users’ transactions or total referred transaction volume since the beginning of the updated program - Sept. 27, 2023. By participating in the Spritz Referral Program and the Spritz Referral Club, you are agreeing to the Spritz Terms & Conditions and the Referral Program Conditions.