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Pay bills with your crypto and on-chain earnings easily and securely.

Choose where to draw funds from

Do you prefer to fund your expenses from your extensive investment holdings to let your gains run? Or do you prefer to use your stablecoin yield farm?
We support dozens of ways to program your payments.

Link your existing crypto wallets

Keep control and custody of your funds and invest however you like in between bills. Revoke access or change your linked wallets at any time.

Integrate with all your bills

Safely link your bills and we’ll help you make payments when and how you want to do so, with over 1000+ integrations available in the US.


Frequent Questions

How does Spritz work?

At Spritz, we’re building the bridge between crypto and traditional finance. Link your real-world bills like your credit cards, utility bills,mortgage payments and more to your Spritz account and then pay them seamlessly with assets in your crypto wallet. We handle the swaps, so all you have to do is set up the payment and hit send.
We launched on the Polygon network to make crypto bill pay transactions lightning fast and incredibly cost-effective. Gas fees per transaction are typically in the pennies, and we do not charge transaction fees.
Spritz takes your security seriously, and we will never ask for your private keys.

Which countries do you support?

Right now Spritz is open to users in the United States or US residents living abroad with US bill pay accounts. We hope to open Spritz up to more countries and customers in the future.

Which wallets do you support?

Spritz supports all major Polygon network wallets. MetaMask is a great choice!

Which blockchain networks do you support?

Spritz is on Polygon! We plan to integrate with more blockchain networks in the future. For now you can bridge assets from other chains onto Polygon in seconds here.

What are the tax implications?

Cryptocurrency taxes in the United States are treated either as income or long term capital gains. How you pay taxes when paying bills with crypto will depend on a number of factors, so we recommend speaking with your accountant or financial advisor on the specifics.