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Spritz makes it easy to use your crypto in the real world. Sign up and get started today.

Integrate your on and off-chain finances seamlessly

Use Spritz to pay IRL bills from your wallet. Easily blend your everyday finances with your Web3 lifestyle.

Earn your way, pay your way

Connect your crypto wallet with IRL bills seamlessly.

Be your own bank

Program payments instantly, without unwinding positions or off-ramping to a bank.

Off ramp in one step

Move away from multiple swaps and steps. Save on fees and time!

Connect to the real world

Unlock real-world financial utility from your crypto and on-chain earnings.

Refresh your finances

Track, manage and pay your bills automatically and on-time each month, all from one place.

Keep your funds safe

Rest easy knowing that Spritz is dedicated to implementing the best in Web3 security.

Which types of bills can I pay with crypto?

Spritz connects to thousands of TradFi accounts so you can pay any bill under the sun.

You can pay your Netflix, Hulu or any favorite subscription by connecting your credit card that you can pay via Spritz!

Spritz makes crypto bill pay a breeze

Pay off everyday expenses using your crypto earnings. Connect your wallet to your bill-pay accounts or bank accounts in just a few quick steps.

1. Create your account

Sign up for your Spritz account and verify your identity in seconds (no document uploads required!)

2. Add your bills

Answer a few questions to automatically link your bills, or search and add them yourself.

3. Connect your wallet

Link your preferred crypto wallet such as your MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger or others.

4. Make a payment!

See all of your bills in one place and make payments from your wallet or off-ramp to your bank. Plus, get $10 on us toward your first bill pay!

Sit back, relax, and take a load off!

Who needs a bank when Spritz does the heavy lifting for you.

With Spritz

  • Flexibility to program payments from any wallet and on-chain asset

  • Keep your crypto working for you until you want to spend it

  • Full transparency and data privacy

With a bank

  • Waste time converting and transferring crypto into fiat

  • Little or no earning opportunities from your checking account

  • Your data is controlled and sold by banks

Spritz offers endless ways to program your payments

Unlock real world value and financial utility from your favorite tokens and stablecoins on Polygon, Ethereum Mainnet, and BNB Chain.

We're backed by a team of leading Web3 investors

Sandeep Nailwal
Co-founder of Polygon
"Mass adoption of crypto is our core mission at Polygon, so by enabling anyone who’s generating income streams through DeFi, P2E games, NFTs, and the Metaverse, Spritz is a perfect fit for our ecosystem."
Shiliang Tang
CIO of Ledger Prime
"As DeFi evolves from esoteric platforms to mainstream exchanges and neobanks, Spritz is primed to be the gateway for the onboarding of the next billions [of] users to this ecosystem."
Diogo Monica
Founder & CEO of Anchorage Digital
"Spritz is solving one of the biggest challenges in crypto today - connecting wallets and smart contracts to everyday expenses and payments."
Balaji Srinivasan
Former CTO of Coinbase
"People will probably pay more bills using crypto in the future. Spritz is working on making that mainstream sooner than later."

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How does Spritz work?

At Spritz, we’re building the bridge between crypto and traditional finance. Link your real-world bills like your credit cards, utility bills, mortgage payments and more to your Spritz account and then pay them seamlessly with assets in your crypto wallet. Or off-ramp directly to your bank account. We handle the swaps, so all you have to do is set up the payment and hit send. We launched on the Polygon network to make crypto bill pay transactions lightning fast and incredibly cost-effective. Gas fees per transaction are typically in the pennies, and we do not charge transaction fees. Spritz takes your security seriously, and we will never ask for your private keys.

Which countries do you support?

Right now, Spritz is open to users in the United States or US residents living abroad with US bill pay accounts. We hope to open Spritz up to more countries and customers in the future.

What kind of tokens can I pay with?

You can now pay your bills with any crypto held on the Polygon, Ethereum or BNB Chain networks, including major stablecoins, such as USDC, USDT, or BUSD as well as all other non-stablecoin tokens like MATIC, ETH, and BNB. You’ll need a bit of the native token for the network you use in your wallet to cover gas fees - MATIC, ETH , or BNB can also be used for the bill payments as well!

Which blockchain networks do you support?

Spritz is on the Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain networks! We're working on integrating with more blockchains in the future.

Does Spritz charge fees?

Nope! The Spritz beta is free to use right now and does not charge a bill pay transaction fee. However, you will have to pay on-chain gas fees, which are very low (pennies!) on the Polygon network. When making payments with non-stablecoins, there will also be swap fees - these fees are generally below 1%, and in some cases, can be as low as 0.005% of the transaction amount. In general, when paying bills with stablecoin assets, such as USDC, the transaction will be cheaper.