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Spritz Community Update: August 2022

Hello Sprites! The end of summer is here and we’re excited to tell you all about what we’ve been up to lately. The seasons are a changin', and so is Spritz! We’ve got lots of exciting things in the pipeline and here are a few that are ready for you.

August 2022 community update

🔰 Improved Customer Onboarding

Our team has been working hard over the last couple of weeks to improve the Spritz onboarding process from sign up to bill pay. Our newly launched onboarding flow lets new users create their Spritz profile and verify their identity in minutes, and makes it easy to link bills by category, including credit cards, mortgage, utilities, car loans, and more.

Spritz beta users can join a special channel on our Discord to discuss their experience, ask questions, and share feedback on the new onboarding flow.

🪲 Squashing bugs all summer

We’ve also spent the last month working on improvements to make the Spritz beta app more stable. We fixed bugs related to finding and adding bills, notifications for current, upcoming, or returned payments, issues with specific wallet connections, and the overall payment experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

The beta process has been very helpful in understanding how our community uses Spritz, and to identify other potential roadblocks that prevent you from enjoying the most streamlined crypto bill-pay experience possible.

If you previously received early beta access and haven’t logged into the app for a while, we encourage you to see what's fresh in the Spritz app and make your next bill payment with crypto.

🏄🏽 Spritz Sessions: Product demo

We held our second Spritz Sessions live demo with our Discord community earlier this month and had the opportunity to walk through the new and improved Spritz beta.

Check out the recording on YouTube by clicking below to join Laurence, our Lead Engineer,  and Hadley, Head of Community, for the product tour from August 18th. In this session, you'll see Spritz's new and improved onboarding flow make its debut, along with a walkthrough of how to make payments with any stablecoin on the Polygon network!

🦜 Twitter Spaces AMA w/ Polygon Daily

Last week, our founder and CEO, Chris Sheehan, joined the Polygon Daily team for a special Twitter Spaces AMA. Chris answered questions about Spritz’s vision, how the app works, types of bills payments we support, our roadmap, and more.

This was a great opportunity to interact more with the Polygon community on Twitter, and share in the excitement of what we’re building to make Web3 finance better for everyone.

You can listen to a recording of the AMA here, and reach out with any additional questions on our Discord!

🗒️ Share your Spritz wishlist

We’ve made it even easier to request new product features directly through our website! Spritz beta users can now share what they want to see us build next, or let us know about bugs they find when using the Spritz beta app.

We’re planning to share back the most requested features for our community to vote on, and make our roadmap publicly available in the near future. We also have a  #feature-request channel in our Discord as well, if that’s more your thing.

🪐 Join r/SpritzFinance

We’re bringing a refreshing new perspective to the Reddit community. Join our subreddit today to chat all things DeFi, get the latest Spritz updates from your favorite online hangout spot, ask questions, or just say hi! We’re refreshing, not spicy, so we don’t bite. 🍹😉

It's been a busy but fun summer so far, and we’ve been working hard to identify new features (some major, some minor) to add to the Spritz app. We’re so excited to show you what’s to come next month, improving the crypto bill pay experience, and furthering our mission to make crypto more useful in the real world!

The Spritz Team

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