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Spritz Community Update - June 2022

Table of Contents:

Hello again and happy pride month to all of you Sprites! 🌈 We’re back with another community update to catch you up on what we’ve been working on and what to expect in June.

💸 Direct Wallet Pay

We’re excited to announce our latest product release! You can now directly pay your bills in USDC (with more assets coming soon) from any crypto wallet.

This latest product update truly allows for you to make DeFi the operating system of your financial life, by bridging your IRL bills and monthly payments with wallets and stablecoins.

By integrating with popular wallets like Metamask for those holding, farming or swapping USDC on Polygon, Spritz can make near-instant payouts to thousands of US bill pay providers seamlessly, including banks, mortgage providers, and other TradFi institutions.

The best part is that we can also integrate directly with several different crypto wallets, including Coinbase Wallet and TrustWallet.

Spritz users invited to our private beta (starting in the US) can quickly sign-up, complete KYC, link bills, and connect their crypto wallet to make their first payment using USDC.

🌱 Pre-seed funding announcement

If you missed our major announcement last month, we secured $2.5 million in early stage funding!

The funds will be used to further our goal of connecting real-world bill payments to the blockchain, helping people around the world better manage their everyday finances through their crypto wallets and on-chain assets.

We started Spritz to empower crypto and DeFi users to easily pay their bills with their choice of crypto, whether “hodling” bitcoin, staking ETH, participating in yield farms or even playing games on the blockchain.

And now we’re one step closer to creating even more real-world financial utility from any digital asset.

We’ve been able to secure early funding from some of the biggest names in the Web3 and crypto world: Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon; Balaji Srinivasan, the former CTO of the giant crypto exchange Coinbase; and Aaron Harris, former Fintech Partner at Y Combinator. If you’d like to read more about our pre-seed funding round, you can read the full announcement by clicking below.

👐 Private beta - Open for US residents

If you haven’t yet made it into the private beta, make sure to keep an eye on your email, as we’ve started inviting members living in the US from the waitlist to join.

And if you’d like to start paying your bills with crypto today, sign up for a 1:1 demo session here. If you’re ready to bridge the gap between your DeFi holdings and your TradFi expenses, we want to make sure to get you onboarded right away!

Already in the beta?

Head over to our Discord and request our Beta Sprites role to get access to our locked Beta channels where you can get updates on latest product improvements, chat with other beta members, and provide feedback directly to us on the app.

🪙 Consensus Austin

Headed to Austin for Consensus this week? We’re looking forward to catching up with the web3 community and learning from a great lineup of speakers.

Our Head of Marketing & Growth, David Gardner, will be attending as well. Want to connect about our crypto bill pay platform while you’re there? You can reach David on Telegram, @DavidLayne.

🎧 Spritz Spaces: Bill pay on the blockchain - Investing in the future of Web3 finance

ICYMI: We held our first Twitter Space a couple days after announcing our pre-seed funding. If you want to check out the recording, we’re including the link below. Hosted by Spritz Founder/CEO, Chris Sheehan, we were joined by a few Spritz team members, investors and advisors to discuss the Web3 landscape and future of personal finance.

We also gave a sneak peek towards our product roadmap and discussed everything from DeFi bill pay and stablecoins, to the pros and cons of crypto credit cards, stablecoins, and more.

Summer is fast approaching which means spending even more time at the beach while those bills are taken care of! And while it's been a wild few months in crypto, it's given our team plenty of time to build and learn from our beta group on exactly the DeFi bill pay features you all want. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from the Spritz team by following us on Twitter and joining our Discord community - we'll have lots more to share soon!

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