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🍹 Spritz Community Update - May 2022

Table of Contents:

Hey Sprites, while it’s been a tough week in crypto land, rest assured that we see you, acknowledge you, and just know that we’re all in this together. When not (reluctantly) peaking at market prices, we’ve been heads down (with a few end-of-day drinks up) building what will surely become the future of finance - connecting real world expenses with our digital assets and on-chain earnings.  

This week, we’ve got some exciting updates for you about what’s been going on at Spritz and where you might find us next. We’ve kept busy onboarding a new batch of private beta users, collecting feedback to further refine things, and releasing some tasty new features in between calls. 

So let’s get right into them!

🗓️ Bill Pay Scheduling

We’ve heard your feedback on wanting more control in scheduling your own crypto payments within the app and we’ve been working hard on making the bill pay process easier. We’re thrilled to say that has now changed and has become much smoother! 

Ready to schedule your next crypto bill payment on your own? Just head to the bills tab in the app and you’ll find bills you’ve already connected and be able to schedule payments on your own.

💰 Make Deposits Directly From the Spritz Vault

While we’re talking about making processes smoother, let’s talk about funding your Spritz account. Gone are the days (so April 2022) of having to manually send crypto from an external wallet or exchange to your Spritz Vault address. 

Now you’ll be able to quickly add funds to your Spritz account (on the Polygon network 💜) right from our app!

Simply head to the Vault tab in the app, connect your wallet, and fund your account! It’s that simple. Then you’ll be able to use these funds from your Vault to pay your bills.

🤫 Private Beta Invites

In case you’ve missed the news, we’ve started inviting members from the waitlist to our closed beta. So if you haven’t kept a close eye on your email, make sure you haven’t missed anything from us! If you’ve been looking for a better way to pay your bills with crypto, now’s the time to check us out. 

And if you haven’t received your invite yet or can’t seem to find it, sign up for an onboarding session here. If you want to use our app, we want to get you onboarded right away, so schedule those sessions today!

Still haven’t been convinced? Here’s some perks of joining the Spritz private beta:

  • 1:1 dedicated onboarding session with a member of the Spritz team.
  • No gas fees on bill pay transactions!
  • The ability to provide valuable feedback on the app, how you use it, and what you want to see in the future.
  • Spritz swag, NFTs, and other giveaways still to be announced.
  • Invite to our Discord community and #Beta-Testers channel

🤖 Discord Makeover

Speaking of our Discord, it just got a fresh new coat of paint. If you haven’t stopped by in a while, or at all, what are you waiting for? Come get to know the Spritz team and have a drink with us by joining here. If you’re looking for a great place to discuss all things DeFi, be the first to hear about Spritz updates, and just an all-around good group of folks to have a drink with, then our Discord is the place for you.

🌴 Permissionless

Heading to Palm Beach for Permissionless this week? Make sure to follow Spritz Finance on Twitter, as well as our CEO Chris Sheehan. Chris will be at Permissionless and is looking forward to connecting with some Sprites! Wanna meet up with Chris to discuss Spritz? 

Hit him up on Telegram @csheehan.

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