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Announcing integration with the DRIP community

Table of Contents:
DRIP token

Over the last several months we’ve gotten lots of requests from those of you in the $DRIP token community to add $DRIP integration into Spritz. Adding the integration required some extra work on our end, but we’re happy to announce that the token is now available!

Now you can pay bills, off-ramp, or load your SpritzCard with $DRIP token directly from your wallet on Spritz! To make a payment or transaction with $DRIP token, select the token in your wallet when off-ramping, paying a bill, or adding funds to your SpritzCard.

Spritz is bringing more use cases to individual token communities like $DRIP by allowing holders to use their earnings in the real world. Off-ramp your crypto to your bank account straight from your wallet, use it to pay bills in one transaction, or load it onto your SpritzCard and pay for anythin!

Here is how to make a payment with $DRIP from your wallet:

1. Connect your preferred wallet to Spritz.
2. Pick which type of transaction you would like to do: Pay a bill, off-ramp crypto to your bank account, or load it onto your SpritzCard to use IRL.
3. Click on the button to start a transaction, then pick $DRIP in the list of assets you’d like to pay with.
4. Set the amount you’d like to pay, then follow the button prompts to complete the transaction in your wallet! You’re done!

We’re thrilled to bring $DRIP integration to Spritz to be able to offer everyday use cases to the DRIP community. At Spritz we believe that crypto should be easy to use in the real world, and we’re making that happen with our bill-pay, off-ramp and pre-loaded card! 

Let us know what you’d like to see from Spritz in the future, and where you’re using your $DRIP tokens in the real world by tagging us on Twitter @SpritzFinance or heading to our Discord here!

The Spritz Team

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