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Earn 5x Spritz Points with Base Memecoins!

Unlock the potential of your favorite Base memecoins with Spritz Finance’s latest limited-time special, where you can earn 5x Spritz Points on transactions using Base memecoins Roost, Brett, Degen, Toshi, and Doginme. From now until May 12th, 2024, put your memecoins to work by paying bills, loading your Visa SpritzCard, or off-ramping one of these popular Base memecoins directly to your bank with Spritz Finance. Not familiar with Spritz? We’re here to help you make any bank crypto-friendly and give you the tools to be even more successful in your crypto journey. Learn more about Spritz and the latest special we’re running with these memecoins on Base below!

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An array of the Roost, Brett, Degen, Toshi, and Doginme logos on coins, underneath the Spritz logo and the words "5x Spritz Points on Base Memecoins!"

Get to Know Spritz Finance

Key Advantages of Spritz Finance

Spritz Finance offers a on-ramp (with the highest day 1 limits in crypto) and a variety of ways to off-ramp your crypto without a centralized exchange. Spritz supports the conversion of thousands of cryptocurrencies directly from a crypto wallet to cash in a bank account for users in the US and Canada (and select stablecoins for 29 additional countries), with the additional functionality for US residents to pay bills using those same tokens. In additional, users across 30 countries can enjoy the convenience of topping up their Visa SpritzCard with a diverse range of tokens from over 9 networks—all directly from their crypto wallet. This functionality ensures that regardless of where you are or what crypto you hold, Spritz provides a streamlined solution for managing your assets. Discover more about our global support here.

Advantages of Using Spritz for Off-Ramping Memecoins

Utilizing Spritz for off-ramping meme coins offers significant advantages, notably in time and cost savings. Instead of transferring to a centralized exchange, users can directly transfer their assets from their wallets to their bank accounts, pay bills, or load their SpritzCards, circumventing additional gas fees and complications. Plus, between now and May 12th, 2024, every transaction with the select Base memecoins below earns users 500 Spritz Points—five times the usual amount. These points are set to become even more valuable, as we plan to introduce new ways to redeem them shortly.

Limited Time: Earn 5x Points with Base Memecoins

What You Need to Know

At Spritz, we are always looking for innovative ways to enhance your financial flexibility and reward you for embracing web3 technologies. Between now and May 12th, 2024, we're excited to give every “Sprite” a chance to get even more Spritz Points before we announce ways to start redeeming them! By leveraging selected meme coins, you can now earn 5x Spritz Points in several impactful ways:

  1. Off-ramping these memecoins directly to your bank account: Enjoy enhanced points when you convert your digital assets to fiat, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.
  2. Paying a bill: Use your meme coins to handle your financial obligations and earn rewards simultaneously.
  3. Loading the SpritzCard: Our SpritzCard, supported in 30 countries, can be loaded with meme coins, turning everyday spending into a rewarding experience.

Eligible Memecoins

  • DOGINME: $doginme is a memecoin that represents the Farcaster founder's dog. He actually doesn't have a dog...but he's "got that dog in me.”
  • BRETT:  Based on the Matt Furie comic, this “based” friend of Pepe has a massive, loyal following that's recently seen some ups and downs, but is still going strong.
  • DEGEN: Okay fine...maybe not officially a memecoin, but through some technicalities (and a few mai tai's) we decided to include this content tipping coin.
  • TOSHI: The feline "Face of Base" is modeled after Coinbase Co-Founder Brian Armstrong's cat...but unlike Coinbase, Spritz supports $TOSHI.
  • ROOST: This “Champion of Base” is no chicken (sorry, couldn't help ourselves), and the flock of followers behind $ROOST is a force to be reckoned with.

Everyday Uses of the SpritzCard

The SpritzCard revolutionizes how meme coin holders can use their favorite token. The SpritzCard allows you to load it with a variety of tokens across 9 networks, including popular meme coins. Whether you're shopping online, paying bills, or even enjoying a night out, the SpritzCard facilitates direct crypto payments. By integrating crypto payments into daily life, SpritzCard users enjoy a seamless transition from digital to real-world spending without the hassle of traditional banking systems. For more information on where and how you can use your SpritzCard, check out the Spritz Help Center.

SpritzCard Success

Many users have leveraged the SpritzCard to bring their favorite cryptocurrienies to online and physical stores (using Apple or Google Pay) even if that store doesn’t normally accept crypto! Imagine paying for gas or groceries entirely with Roost or Brett. Who said that memecoins aren’t useful?


How can I start using my SpritzCard with meme coins? To use your SpritzCard with meme coins, first ensure your card is loaded with your preferred meme coin. The card can be used at many merchants worldwide, with some exceptions, making it extremely versatile for everyday purchases.

What are the benefits of using meme coins with Spritz during the promotional period? During promotional periods, using your SpritzCard with selected meme coins can earn you multiple rewards, such as enhanced Spritz Points, which are part of exclusive offers. This can significantly increase the value gained from transactions during the promotional window.

Are there any limitations to where I can use my SpritzCard? While the SpritzCard is widely accepted at merchants that support Visa, some restrictions apply such as ATMs and merchants requiring specific card verifications like 3DS in Europe, which are not supported by SpritzCard.

Can I use my SpritzCard for online purchases? Yes, the SpritzCard can be used for online purchases. It functions like any other Visa card but is powered by your cryptocurrency balance, offering a smooth and secure way to shop online.

For more FAQs and detailed guides on using your SpritzCard with meme coins, visit the Spritz Help Center.

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