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How to off-ramp crypto to real world value

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how to off ramp crypto
How To

One of the bigger challenges in DeFi and Web3 is figuring out how to get your crypto earnings from your wallet and into your bank account. In a perfect world, you could use your crypto to do things like pay for coffee or make a purchase in the real world, but adoption has been slow for those of us who have been earning on-chain through DeFi or DAOs for some time now.

We get it, off-ramping crypto is annoying and time-consuming, but there are some ways to make it easy. The Spritz off-ramp lets you cash out your crypto for USD in a single transaction, straight from your wallet. Enjoy the easiest way to off-ramp without sending your crypto to a centralized exchange first.

How to off-ramp crypto to your bank

It's easy to cash out crypto for USD when you use the Spritz off-ramp. Gone are the days where you have to send your crypto to a centralized exchange before you can cash it out and send it to your bank. Now you can do it in the Spritz app using just your preferred crypto wallet.

Right now you can only off-ramp crypto to your own bank account, but we're looking into offering transfers in the future. Enjoy seamlessly transferring any asset on the Ethereum, BNB Chain, or Polygon network to your bank account. That's thousands of tokens and cryptocurrencies you can off-ramp! Here's now to set up an off-ramp transaction:

  1. Get early access to the Spritz app by signing up for beta access here.
  2. Set up your account, then click on "Off-ramp" at the top of the app.
  3. Link your bank account. Don't worry; this doesn't give us access to it.
  4. Confirm that you're the owner of the account.
  5. Finish linking your account, then click on "Off-ramp crypto" under your account and follow the prompt to connect your preferred wallet.
  6. Select the dollar amount you want to off-ramp, then the asset. Tip: make sure your wallet is connected to the network the asset is on; otherwise, it may not appear as an option.
  7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet. Now you're done! You'll see the funds appear in your bank account in just a few business days.

Considerations when off-ramping to a bank

Before you off-ramp your crypto into a bank, consider what you want to use it for. If you're trying to pay bills with your crypto earnings, first see if the bill you want to pay is available on Spritz. If it is, you might be better off paying the bill directly from your Spritz account without having to off-ramp your crypto first.

If you need to off-ramp your crypto to access the USD in cash, or pay a bill that isn't available on Spritz, like your rent payment, use the Spritz off-ramp to cash out your crypto for USD in a single transaction. Once you sell your crypto for USD with the Spritz off-ramp, you'll get the funds in your checking account in just a few business days.

The Spritz off-ramp cuts back on how much time you'll spend transferring and eliminates the risk of error.

Use Spritz to enable real-world uses for your crypto

1. Minimize swaps and steps by lowering how many transactions you make

Spritz lets you use your on-chain crypto earnings to pay bills or off-ramp only what you need to cover monthly expenses. With Spritz, you can keep the rest of your digital assets working for you through various DeFi activities, earning you greater monthly returns, which can be used to pay IRL bills directly from your wallet. 

2. Look for the lowest gas fees

With low gas fees on the Polygon network (pennies!), and other low gas fees on supported chains, you can use Spritz to save on off-ramping while using your crypto to pay for anything—from your morning coffee to your mortgage. Pay off your credit card with your crypto earnings in seconds, or take care of your monthly household expenses with the money you earn interacting with the Web3 ecosystem.

3. Move only what you need and keep the rest working for you

Keep you crypto where it helps you the most—working. Keep more of your crypto in your passive income opportunities (staking, farming, lending, trading - you name it), and move only what you need when using the Spritz off-ramp. Because you don't have to make several transactions just to cash out crypto, you can keep more crypto working for you.

4. Avoid fees from centralized exchanges and banks

Stop off-ramping your crypto into centralized exchanges and banks that charge you significantly to use their services. Spritz makes it easy to off-ramp your crypto without paying hefty fees to use the crypto you’ve earned.

5. Unlock real-world value from your on-chain income

What good is your crypto if you can’t use it in the real world? With Spritz, you can use our web app to off-ramp in one transaction. We want to see crypto used in the real world because we believe in it, so we built the platform that lets you do that—without ever having to go through a centralized entity first.

Sign up for the free Spritz beta today to start paying your bills with crypto and make the off-ramp process as simple and fast as it should be.


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