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Introducing Instant Dash Transactions on Spritz: Faster and More Secure Crypto Payments

Spritz is thrilled to announce the integration of Dash InstantSend. Now, Spritz users can now enjoy the benefits of instant transaction finality, meaning that all Dash payments, whether for bill payments, bank off-ramps, or SpritzCard loading, are completed with unprecedented speed. This integration continues Spritz's commitment to offering efficient and innovative off-ramp tools to the crypto community.

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The Dash blockchain logo in the center of a beautiful, sunlit beach with white sand and palm trees, symbolizing the ease that Spritz brings to off-ramping crypto.

Key Takeaways

  • With the integration of Dash InstantSend, Spritz users can now experience immediate finality in their Dash transactions, significantly speeding up payments and transfers.
  • Dash’s advanced features, like InstantSend for quick settlements, ChainLocks for protection against attacks, and CoinJoin for optional payment confidentiality, ensure a more secure and private transaction experience.
  • This update highlights Spritz's ongoing commitment to innovation in the cryptocurrency space, offering users convenient, fast, and secure options for managing their digital finances.

Spritz Integrates Dash InstantSend for Lightning-Fast Transactions

As of today, we’ve integrated Dash's InstantSend functionality. All Dash transactions are now instantly considered final, meaning you can save even more time when paying bills, off-ramping to your bank, or loading your SpritzCard!*

Experience Unmatched Speed with Instant Transaction Finality

While Dash transactions will be completed faster, the time until your funds land in your bank account/pay your bill will still follow standard/Rapid Pay timing.

Dash 101: Your Go-To Crypto for Efficiency and Security

Need to familiarize yourself with Dash? Here’s what you need to know! Dash is a cryptocurrency focused on digital cash: instant, secure, low-cost, optionally confidential, and easy-to-use payments. Created in 2014 by Evan Duffield, Dash pioneered the masternode (high-powered collateralized nodes which perform special functions), and is the oldest decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in existence.

Advanced Features of Dash: InstantSend and ChainLocks

Dash’s InstantSend functionality fully settles transactions in under two seconds and prevents them from being double-spent, while ChainLocks protects against block reorganizations and 51% attacks. Additionally, Dash’s integrated CoinJoin feature can optionally make payments confidential, protecting against unwanted snooping.

We’re incredibly excited to bring Dash transactions to the next level with Spritz! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements to come!


🍹The Spritz Team

*Availability of networks and Spritz tools vary. All verified users can use Dash to load/top-up the SpritzCard.

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