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Announcing SMARTPay: Recurring crypto bill payments from any wallet

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introducing smartpay recurring crypto bill payments

TL;DR The ability to make recurring payments has been one of our most-requested product features since we launched Spritz last year. Today, we’re thrilled to bring that feature to life with the launch of SMARTPay – letting you schedule recurring payments to your monthly bills and enjoy zero gas fees by signing a single transaction from your wallet that will let you truly set your payments and forget them.

Starting today you can schedule recurring bill payments on Spritz using the SMARTPay feature—which offers gasless, monthly transactions to the bills you’ve connected to your Spritz account. You can set up a SMARTPay recurring payment plan with any bill when paying with USDC on the Polygon network.

Here are just a few of the many things you can get out of SMARTPay!

💸 Set it, forget it! Sign one transaction and your bills are automatically paid each month
⛽ Pay ZERO gas fees! SMARTPay transactions are the Tesla of Spritz! 
🧘 Spend less time looking at a screen. Sit back & relax! 
You’re a DeFi pro now—crypto and fiat are one in the same. Look at you doing it all from our smart contract!

We created the SMARTPay feature to be an easy to use integration into the existing bill-pay experience. Now you can set up recurring payments using your crypto with the click of a button, and sign just one transaction for up to a year’s worth of planned monthly payments to your billing account.

Here is how to set up a SMARTPay plan:

1. Head to the Spritz app and open up the bills section, then pick a bill you want to set up automatic monthly payments for.

2. Click on “Set up recurring payment” to set up a SMARTPay subscription—this will automatically pay your bill each month without having to make individual transactions each time.

3. Set up the details of the recurring payment, like how much you’d like to put towards your bill, which day you’d like the payment to send, and how many months you’d like to repeat the subscription for. Currently, we can only support SMARTPay subscriptions when paying bills with USDC on the Polygon network. 

4. Click “Set up recurring payment” to confirm the transaction plan, then sign it in your wallet to approve the planned transactions on the network. You’re done!

See how easy it is to get your bills paid each month? SMARTPay is truly the most effortless crypto bill pay experience out there, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it! Spritz lets you get more real-world value out of your crypto, whether you’re earning crypto in Web3, earn as a DAO member, play games in the metaverse, trade NFTs, or are a member of the growing DeFi landscape.


How do gasless transactions work?
This one’s on us! When you set up a transaction using SMARTPay, we’ll cover the gas fees on our end. Consider it a little reward for setting up monthly payments on your bills with crypto!

Does SMARTPay work for any type of bill?
Yep! You can create a SMARTPay recurring payment with any bill in your Spritz account.

Which networks and tokens can I create a SMARTPay recurring payment on?
Currently you can only create a SMARTPay subscription when paying a bill with USDC on the Polygon network, but we’re working on expanding soon! 

How does Spritz ensure my funds are safe if I don’t have to sign the transaction each month?
Great question! SMARTPay transactions are bound to your specifications and only allow us to pull the specified funds from your wallet on the date and for the amount that you set when you create the transaction subscription.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of SMARTPay:

  • Make sure you have the amount for the bill payment in your wallet each month. If the payment fails, you’ll have to manually set it up again.
  • You can only set up one payment plan per bill, so we recommend setting it up to cover at least the minimum amount due each month.
  • SMARTPay is limited to bill-pay for now, but we may expand it to off-ramp in the future!
  • If you want to change the conditions of your monthly payments, you’ll have to cancel your subscription and set it up again under the new terms. 
  • You’ll only be signing one transaction signature for all of the payments, but we’ll send you a reminder each month before the payment goes out.
  • Don’t worry about gas fees, that one’s on us!

Let us know what you think of SMARTPay in our Discord, or if you have another idea for a product feature you’d like to see at Spritz, request it here!

The Spritz Team

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