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Multi-chain bill pay is here: Ethereum and BNB Chain payments now supported

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multi chain bill pay launch

We have some exciting news! We’ve gone multi-chain and have added bill payment support on DeFi’s two largest ecosystems – Ethereum and BNB Chain (Binance) networks!

Starting today, all early access beta Sprites can pay with any crypto on more of their favorite networks, including Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Chain and Polygon. This network update also expands which tokens you can make payments with, making it even easier to connect any digital asset you hold to real world expenses and monthly bills.

Whether you hold your ERC-20 tokens in MetaMask, or your BEP-20 assets in your Trust Wallet, it’s easy peasy to link your bills on Spritz, connect your preferred wallet on a supported network, and make IRL bills payments with your crypto a breeze.

Earlier this year we launched the Spritz beta on the Polygon blockchain for its low gas fees and lightning-fast transaction speeds. We still love the Polygon network and all that it enables for the DeFi community, but we knew that the Spritz community wanted more freedom and flexibility to pay their bills directly from their Web3 wallets, and on the networks they use most often.

Our plan is to continue to build the Spritz platform to allow even more integrations on a wider variety of blockchains and connect all of Web3 to TradFi. Today we offer payment support with Polygon, Ethereum Mainnet, and the BNB Chain, but we have plans to expand it to even more in the coming months.

If you want to see Spritz expand to a specific blockchain in the future, let us know here!

About Ethereum:

The world’s most popular smart-contract enabled blockchain, Ethereum, offers a massive ecosystem and a wide range of use cases already in the budding Web3 space. Today’s Ethereum network holds over $30 billion in TVL, with some of the most popular projects in the world in its ecosystem.

Projects like Decentraland and OpenSea helped catapult Ethereum’s success as the most successful smart-contract enabled blockchain in the world. Today, you can pay with tokens related to some of the world’s most popular crypto projects to-date, like $MANA, $SHIBA, $GALA, $LINK, $AAVE, and even $APE.

The BNB Chain:

The smart contract-enabled Binance network, also known as the BNB Chain, has its own global ecosystem of popular projects in the Web3 space. The network offers fast transaction speeds and low gas fees, so that users on Spritz can pay their bills without facing high network costs or slowed speeds due to congestion.

The BNB Chain is globally popular for its DeFi landscape, with a wide variety of altcoin options to pick from. The network holds over $5 billion in TVL, and some of its most popular projects include decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap and the liquidity staking platform Ankr. It’s also compatible with the EVM, so many projects on Ethereum are easily interoperable with the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Easily switch between networks

You can now pay IRL bills with popular stablecoins and native network cryptocurrencies like $ETH, $BNB, and $MATIC, as well as $USDC, $USDT, $BUSD, and $DAI. How you pay bills on Spritz is up to you, with thousands of options from bill-pay providers and cryptocurrencies to choose from.

In order to pay bills on Spritz using different networks, we’ve made it easy to switch from one to another when connecting your crypto wallet. To switch blockchain networks, just click on the bill you’d like to pay and switch the network in the drop down menu at the top of the bill-pay prompt. Your wallet will then ask you if you’d like to switch networks. Click “confirm” and then wait for the updated network to appear in the bill-pay prompt. You can then choose the asset you’d like to pay with, set the dollar amount you’d like to pay, and confirm the transaction on the network.

How Spritz works

Spritz lets you pay bills with crypto in just a few quick steps by connecting your wallet and your bill-pay accounts together in the Spritz app. You can connect to thousands of bill-pay providers in the United States to pay for things like your mortgage, car payment, and even your morning coffee or Netflix subscription through your credit card.

Once you connect your preferred crypto wallet to your Spritz account and add your first bill, you can set up your first payment in just a few seconds. Simply choose the bill you want to pay, set up a payment with the preferred cryptocurrency you’d like to pay with, and approve the transaction in your wallet to send it through. We’ll handle the swaps on our end!

You can connect your preferred crypto wallet, like MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet and pay from either the Polygon, BNB Chain, or Ethereum networks. If you’re not already in our beta, sign up here and enjoy the freedom of crypto bill-pay made easy.


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