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On-Ramp With Spritz in the UK & EU! 

We’re thrilled to announce that Spritz’s onramp is ready to use for UK and EU citizens! Now users across Europe can convert GBP or Euros from their bank account to stablecoins in their wallet with ease!

Table of Contents:
Two icons showing the British and European Union flags alongside the Spritz logo.

Buy Stablecoins With One Transaction

  • The on-ramp allows UK and EU citizens to make a transfer from their GBP or Euro IBAN accounts to a generated bank account.
  • Simply send a bank transfer from your own bank to that generated account, and the stablecoins will automatically be deposited to your wallet.

Supported Stablecoins

  • Ethereum: USDC, USDT, agEur
  • Polygon: USDC, USDT
  • Optimism: USDC, USDT
  • Arbitrum: USDC, USDT, agEur
  • Celo: cEUR, cUSD
  • Tron: USDT

Stablecoins in Your Wallet - Without the Hassle!

  1. Add your wallet address, and select the stablecoin, network, and amount you’d like to receive
  2. Complete the one-time supplementary KYC requirements
  3. Generate the destination account (where you’ll send your GBP or Euros to!)
  4. Make the transfer from your personal bank account and see the stablecoins land in your wallet!

Ready to Dive In?

We’re incredibly excited to help the European and British Sprites dive even more into crypto through our latest release. We’re not done yet though, keep an eye out for even more exciting announcements coming up!


The Spritz Team 🍹

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