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September Community Update: Hello Canada, New Mobile App, & Revamped Rewards!

Happy fall, Sprites! Towards the end of the summer we were busy bringing you lots of new features that we’re excited to share with you today! In the last month we launched in Canada, welcomed our new mobile app, and unveiled new features like the Address Book, Rapid Payments, and our enhanced referral program. Dive in and discover what's new with Spritz:

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september community update 2023

Spritz Touches Down in Canada! 🍁

Exciting news for our Canadian friends – Spritz is now live! You can seamlessly off-ramp your crypto to Canadian bank accounts across a range of networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, and more. A huge welcome to our Canadian Sprites!

Launch of the Spritz Mobile App 📱

We’ve been getting requests for a mobile app for a long time, and we’re thrilled that after months of hard work, it’s ready for you! Download the Spritz mobile app today and discover how easy it is to use your crypto on the go:

  • Simple Sign-Up, Sign-In, and Verification: Quick onboarding with top security.
  • Wallet Connection: Link your EVM wallet across multiple chains effortlessly.
  • SpritzCard Integration: Unlock the potential of your crypto.
  • Bill Payments: All your bills, now in one place.
  • Token Balance Tracking: Real-time insights into your holdings.
  • Bank Account Management: Bring traditional finance into the fold.
  • Transaction History: Every transaction, clear as day.
  • Off-Ramp Transactions: Move your crypto to your bank with ease.

Get a feel of the Spritz app before downloading it on iOS or Android.

The Launch of Our Rapid Payment Feature 💨

Experience faster off-ramp payments to US bank accounts! We believe that living on-chain should come with convenience. Choose the Rapid Payment option (that just finished a lengthy pilot program) when you make an off-ramp to eligible bank accounts in the US and see the funds appear in your account within the hour!

Curious if your bank supports rapid payments? Top US banks like JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and more are on board. Check out the full list here.

Address Book Launch 📖

The Address Book allows you to make crypto payments directly from your wallet without the need to connect to the Spritz. It streamlines the payment process and makes it easy to send payments from any account or wallet—that means you can also make payments from an exchange account! 😉

How to Use the Address Book:

  1. Click this link, or access the through the button below.
  2. Select the network you would like to make a payment on.
  3. Set up the payment in your wallet. Right now, we accept Address Book payments with USDC on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, or Avalanche.
  4. Copy and paste the payment address from the bill in Spritz into your wallet or exchange account, then click send!

Our New Referral Program: More Rewards, More Fun 💰

Spritz is more than just a crypto platform; it’s a family of innovators, hard workers, and passive-income prodigies. In our mission to bring more value to our community, we’ve reimagined our referral program to benefit both referrers and referees:

🏝️ The Tourist Tier: Ideal for crypto beginners!

  • For the Referee: Make transactions worth ≥$100 within your first 30 days to receive $25 cashback.
  • For the Referrer: Earn a $25 cashback as long as your referee completes over $100 worth of transactions on Spritz within their first 30 days.

🍹 The Local Tier: For the regulars in the crypto-verse.

  • For the Referee: Achieve ≥$2,000 in transaction volume within the first 30 days to get $40 cashback.
  • For the Referrer: Bag a $40 cashback when your referee does ≥$2,000 in transaction volume within their first 30 days.

🔥 The Premium Experience: The VIP Tier: Maximize rewards with our premium tier by introducing fellow crypto-heads. Designed for seasoned crypto users who want to simplify crypto off-ramping for all.

🥂 The VIP Tier: For the crypto legends!

  • For the Referee: Achieve ≥$20,000 in transactions within the first 30 days and get a whopping 25% fee revenue share.
  • For the Referrer: Boost your earnings with a 25% commission on the referee's fees if they achieve ≥$20,000 transaction volume in their first 30 days.

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