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Announcing the SpritzCard - load with crypto and pay for anything IRL!

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spritz card announcement

TL;DR The SpritzCard is the fastest way to pay with crypto in the real world. Just load your favorite crypto onto the card and it’s ready to make a purchase anywhere IRL. We’ll handle the swap so that you can start making payments within minutes!

We’re finally ready to announce the arrival of the SpritzCard—a prepaid debit card that lets you pay with crypto anywhere in the world. Starting today, Spritz users can open a SpritzCard, load it with crypto and instantly make payments IRL anywhere that accepts Visa. That’s over 44 million locations in over 200 countries around the world.

The SpritzCard is a digital debit card that you can use to make payments in the real world. When you load crypto onto the card, we’ll swap it for fiat so you can spend it anywhere. No need to worry about finding somewhere that accepts crypto!

How to open your new SpritzCard

Your new SpritzCard is ready for you in the Spritz app! Here’s how to open it: 

1. Log into the app and click “Spend” in the top menu.
2. Follow the prompts to open up a new card account.
3. Once the information is verified your new card will be ready to load with crypto! The whole process should only take a couple of minutes.

How to load your SpritzCard

Loading your SpritzCard is designed to be quick and easy! Here’s how to add funds to your card:

💳 Open up your SpritzCard in the app, then click “fund with crypto” to get started.
🪙 Choose which asset you’d like to load onto your card, then set the amount.
✅ Confirm the transaction in your wallet. That’s it! You’re ready to start spending.

SpritzCard FAQs

Will I get a physical card in the mail?
For now the SpritzCard is digital only, but you can add it to your Apple or Google Wallet to make payments at vendors in the real world.

Can I remove funds from my SpritzCard once I add them?
Once funds are added to your card, we have no way to remove them. You’ll have to spend the funds to get money off of the card.

How does Spritz keep my card information secure?
The card number that is issued to you is only visible to you—we can’t even see it! This helps keep your information secure but also means you’ll have to keep track of your card information on your own.

Is the SpritzCard a bank account or credit card?
Nope! The SpritzCard is a reloadable virtual card that works similar to a Visa gift card. We don’t run a credit check to issue you a card.

Can I transfer funds that I put on my SpritzCard into my bank or bill-pay account?
Once funds are on your SpritzCard we cannot return or transfer them, so you'll have to spend the funds in order to get them off the card!

Thanks for being a Spritz user during our beta! We’re working to bring even more new features to Spritz that will let you refresh your finances and bring your DeFi life into the real world. We want you to be able to easily use the crypto you earn in the real world, so let us know what you need in order to make that happen! Join our Discord to keep up with our community, or let us know what features you want to see from Spritz here.

The Spritz Team

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