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Spritz Community Update: February 2023

Happy March, Sprites! We can’t believe it’s been another month! Love was in the air last month so we just want to take a moment to say that we also 🧡 you, and appreciate you all!

We’re getting close to launching SMARTPay – recurring bill pay subscriptions that will let you set it and forget it by auto-scheduling repeat payments to your bills, gas-free!

We’re also beta testing our new Spritz Card, a prepaid crypto debit card that you can load with any token or stablecoin directly from your wallet on our supported networks to spend in the real world.

Learn more about these new releases below, along with all of the improvements and additions we made in February and get ready for the next Spritz Blitz contest for opportunities to earn more rewards, POAPs, and for the first-time, some fresh Spritz swag!

Here’s what’s covered in our February Community Update:

spritz community update february 2023

🌟 March Spritz Blitz Referral Challenge

To kick things off this month we’ve got our March Spritz Blitz Referral Challenge. We got a lot of great feedback on our last Spritz Blitz in December, so we took some time in February to come up with a new one! We’ve welcomed a lot of new users to Spritz over the past couple months, so we’re excited for you to help grow the Spritz community and spread the word to your DeFi friends.

Our referral program lets you earn $50 for every new Spritz user that you invite to the app with your referral link. Once a user signs up through your link and completes a $50 transaction, you both will get $50 as a reward. The Spritz Blitz Referral Challenge will give you even more opportunities to earn big!*

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

🍹 Happy Hour - Bring a Friend: Refer one user and get an extra $10 after they complete their first $50 minimum payment for a total of $60. 

🍹🍹 Seein’ Double: Refer 2 people who complete a $50 payment, get an extra $20, plus a Spritz coaster and POAP.

🍹🍹🍹 Seein' Triple: Refer 3 people who complete a payment (min $50), get an extra $30, plus a Spritz T-shirt, coaster and POAP. 

*To qualify for the prizes, you must meet the referral requirements on or before March 31, 2023. This means that your referrals must sign up to Spritz, verify their accounts, and complete their qualifying $50 payment before the end of the month. 

The March Referral Challenge will run from March 8-31, 2023. You can share your unique referral code from the rewards section of the app.

💳 Beta Launch of Spritz Card & SMARTPay: How to request beta access

Our two biggest announcements from February are here! We’re excited to reveal the Spritz Card and SMARTPay features, which will a) let you load a prepaid debit card with crypto to spend in the real world and b) make recurring payments to your bills via gasless transactions handled through our smart contracts. 

We’re beta testing both features now, so if you haven’t already requested early access to provide us with feedback, just reach out to us in the customer support chat or in Discord to request either or both features! We’re looking for beta testers who are willing to use both features as soon as possible.

👯 Spritz Affiliate Program

The Spritz Affiliate Program is designed for three types of Spritz partners: crypto & DeFi content creators, media publishers (large or small), and web3 community partners who want to promote Spritz with their audiences.

Spritz affiliates will get login access to a dedicated affiliate portal with the ability to share their unique affiliate link or referral code, which can be used within any content they create.

When new users sign up for Spritz via the affiliate link (or referral code) and complete their first $50 qualifying transaction, affiliates will earn an upfront referral reward, plus participate in revenue share opportunities (based on each referral’s transaction fees), up to one year. Referrals will continue to earn $50, similar to our Refer a Friend program.

Best yet, for select partners, our team can work together with you to design custom rewards and a group incentives program via Community Quests in the app, where all referrals and your entire community can benefit by completing various payment goals and milestones! Want to apply? Click the link below!

📮 New bill types added this month

As a crypto bill-pay platform, we’re dedicated to—you know, actually letting you pay your bills with crypto straight from your web3 wallet.

This month we added dozens of new bill types to Spritz which are now payable in our system! Check on the new bills we added here or request a new one if you can’t find it in the app.

Remember: If you can’t yet find a bill, you can also easily pay it from your bank account by using the Spritz Off-ramp, while you wait for us to add it! Just off-ramp the funds to your bank account and pay the bill with fiat as you did back in the day before you went on chain.

🪩 AMAs with Cardinal House & BENQI

This month our founder and CEO Chris Sheehan did two AMAs with Cardinal House and BENQI. In the AMAs Chris talked about the inspiration behind Spritz, the future of DeFi, and what’s next for Spritz with new products like the Spritz Card and SMARTPay!

Listen to a recording of the BENQI AMA here and keep an eye out for upcoming interviews and AMAs in the coming months! Have anyone you’d love to see Spritz chat with? Let us know in Discord who your favorite content creators and communities are in Web3!

That’s it for this month! We’ve got our heads down and our eyes focused on some new features that are coming soon to Spritz! Want a hint on what these features are? Let’s just say more Spritz team members are going to have access to the app soon, and they might be able to use some new coins. 😉₿🌎

The Spritz Team

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