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Spritz Community Update: January 2023

Happy 2023!

Last year was a big year for us, but we’re excited about all of the progress we’re planning for the year ahead. In 2022 we launched Spritz and expanded the product to highs that we never thought we would accomplish so soon, but we’re setting our sights for even bigger places in 2023 as we prepare to launch new products and features in the coming weeks.

This month we made massive strides toward new milestones when it comes to our community. It means so much to us that each and every one of you are with us, and we can’t wait to bring you along for the journey in the coming months. Check out a sneak peek at what is to come below, along with some exciting announcements, links to recent AMAs with our founder, Chris Sheehan, and new content!

A sneak peek at what’s in our January Community Update:

spritz community update january 2023

💸 A taste of 2023

This month we’ve had our heads down working hard to bring new crypto payment features to Spritz. We’re not quite ready to roll them out, but we can give you a little peek at what we’re mixing up behind the bar!

In the coming weeks we’ll be getting ready to launch new products like SMARTPay, which will let you schedule recurring monthly bill payments to any bill when you pay with USDC on the Polygon network.

We’re also working on other special features, like a pre-loaded debit card that you can fund with crypto straight from your wallet, Spritz for Business, and payment support on new blockchain networks that even Satoshi himself would approve of. 😉

This year you can also expect to see Spritz launch in new places! Our international Sprites have been asking, and we’re working hard to bring the Spritz product to new countries as soon as possible. We’re looking at you cool neighbors to the North!

Want to see something specific from Spritz? Check out our features request page here to make suggestions, upvote projects on our roadmap, or just see what we’ve got planned for 2023!

If you’d like to beta test some of these upcoming Spritz features, such as recurring payments through SMARTPay, be sure to join our Discord and request access to the #beta-testers-chat channel. Let us know what you’re most interested in and we’ll coordinate how to provide you with early access and collect your feedback.

📝 Spritz Customer Survey

We’d also love to learn more about you! As we expand Spritz to new blockchains and products we want to know more about how our users interact with the crypto and Web3 ecosystem. Where do you get your news from? Where are you hanging out?

Let us know, and we’ll use that as we come up with ideas for new product integrations and partnerships down the road! Fill out our survey below!

🤔 AMAs with our founder, Chris Sheehan

This month our founder Chris Sheehan spent some extra time in the URLverse answering your burning questions. What’s next for Spritz? How far ahead of time do you need to pay your bills? How does Spritz work? Will Spritz launch a token? How does Spritz handle security?

Check out some of the AMAs that Chris was on this month, including these ones from YaBonks and Zach Humphries, or these walkthroughs of the platform from Austin Clark and Your Friend Andy. This month we’ve been working to build our Spritz community through more outreach, content partnerships, and community building.If you’re a content creator yourself, stay tuned for more details on the upcoming launch of our Spritz Affiliate Program with opportunities to earn exclusive rewards, revenue share, and more!

📱 Spritz on TikTok

Speaking of content creators, are you following Spritz on TikTok? We’re working hard over there to share tips and tricks on how to go bankless, how to use Spritz to pay bills with crypto and off-ramp to your bank account, or what you can do with DeFi today. Check out our TikTok right here and throw us a like!

🐛 Bug fixes & improvements to Spritz!

Unlike a real Spritz, making a web product isn’t as simple as following a recipe. We’re refreshing finance for web3 users, so we’ve got a lot of taste testing to do before the final product is perfect. Thanks so much for being part of our beta community, you’ve helped us fine-tune the details as we make Spritz even better.

This month we’ve worked on quite a few updates that should make Spritz easier and better in the future! Check them out:

  • UX changes that guide you through how to make a transaction with a new token for the first time. 
  • Fixes to our automatic bill finder that will make it easier to find and add your bills with the click of a button. 
  • Updates to our list of supported billing providers—we’ve added dozens of requested US billers this month! 
  • Improvements to our customer support system that lets us work with you faster.

Check out the improved Spritz app and let us know what you think!

🌾 Ultimate guide to yield farming

So many of you are earning passive income through yield farming and other staking opportunities in the crypto space. That’s awesome! We thought we would take some time to share everything that we know about yield farming—from passive income opportunities on our supported networks to what you need to know about it to get started from scratch. Yield farming is a great way to earn in crypto, so let us know whether you’re going to check out all of the opportunities that are out there!

Thanks for hanging out with us this month! We can’t wait to show you all of the new features coming to Spritz this year. Let us know here what you’d like to see in the future, or check out our Discord community to get involved and just get to know us on a personal level. We promise, we’re pretty fun!

Cheers! 🍹
The Spritz Team

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