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Spritz Community Update: September 2022

Happy Fall, Sprites!

We’ve been working hard to improve our beta and bring new product enhancements to life. A new season is here, and so are some exciting features that we can’t wait to share with you in October!

For now, here’s what we accomplished in September.

September 2022 community update

🏄🏽 Spritz Sessions: Live Product Demo on Discord - Pay with any token!

Our next live product demo is scheduled for Friday, September 30th on our Discord, where you can get a product tour on how to use the Spritz app. Learn how to add your bills and set up a payment with us.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll also be showcasing a demo of our new pay with any token feature!

We’ll show you how to set up a payment with any token on the Polygon network using Spritz, along with more information about when the feature will become available. Since the initial release of the feature a couple months ago, we’ve gone back to improve the user experience and enhance the security measures.

We plan on releasing the pay with any token feature in October, so come check it out in Discord and ask us any questions you may have.

🙌 Improved Bills Search

We made several improvements to how you search for bills when looking to add a new bill to your account manually. Bills are now easier to find by category type, and some bill type names have been changed to specify the type of account you’d like to add when connecting to banks with multiple services.

We also have started to surface the most popular bill pay providers Sprites are paying off in each bill category!

🎧 CryptoNews Podcast with Chris Sheehan

Our CEO and founder Chris Sheehan recently went on the CryptoNews Podcast to talk about Spritz and the DeFi landscape. This was an exciting opportunity to share the Spritz platform with new people, and to answer questions about the app with CryptoNews subscribers. You can check out the episode of the CryptoNews Podcast below to hear it for yourself.

🌊 Refreshed Help Center & FAQs

We’ve been speaking with our community members and beta users throughout the last several months to get a better understanding of how you all use Spritz. We’re so grateful to you all for speaking with us! Your insight helped us get to know you and your needs better for paying bills with crypto, and it gave us the idea to revisit our Help Center articles. 

In our updated Help Center you’ll find answers to all of your burning questions about Spritz, from how to add and pay a bill on the app to common troubleshooting tips that can save you time.

💥 Debunking common myths about paying bills with crypto

We’ve been busy this month creating new educational blog content to help you all learn more about paying bills with crypto on Spritz. In one of our recent blog posts, we covered some of the common myths that we hear about paying bills with crypto and debunked them—from the misconception that paying bills with crypto will result in a larger tax bill to myths about off-ramping. 

Check out our blog post below that debunks some of the common misconceptions about paying bills with crypto, as well as some other recent posts that have hit our blog this month.

🔒 Web3 security tips

We also published a post about Web3 security tips and how to keep your funds secure. There are lots of ways to make sure that your funds are safe, and we wanted to share some of our best practices with you. The post includes tips like how to separate your funds to keep your investments safe, how to best interact with Web3 websites, and how to prevent anyone from getting ahold of your private keys.

We’ve got a lot more content coming soon, so keep up with our blog to get more from Spritz.

📢 Request a product feature

Want to add a specific bill type or request a blockchain to make bill payments from? Request a new Spritz feature below to let us know what you want to see in the app! We want to build a product that works best for you, so if there’s anything you want to see from us just click below to let us know! Other Sprites can upvote your requests as well!

You can also reach out in the Spritz Discord or on Twitter or Reddit to let us know what you’d like to see from us. Join our Discord right here, and follow our Twitter and join our SubReddit.

Talk to you next month. We can’t wait to share more about all of the exciting things we’ve been working on.


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