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Spritz Now Supports Bill Payments Directly From Coinbase Wallet

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Spritz is happy to announce that we now support bill payments directly from Coinbase Wallet, expanding our services to more users in decentralized finance who want to pay their bills with crypto directly. Enjoy the ease of being able to pay bills directly from your crypto wallet without having to off-ramp crypto to a bank account. That’s something we can cheers to! 😉

The Spritz app lets users easily connect their real-world bills to their Web3 wallets where they can make payments directly to their monthly bills and expenses, including credit cards, auto loans, mortgages and more with any token on Polygon, including MATIC, and major stablecoins,such as USDC, USDT, DAI, and more. We think DeFi should be easy to use, so we’re taking the steps to make it that way.

We chose to support the Coinbase Wallet for its ease of use and accessibility for all DeFi users, especially in the United States. We recognize that many DeFi users interact with centralized exchanges in a way that would be beneficial for them to have access to direct bill payment with crypto.

With 98 million users worldwide, Coinbase is a major part of the DeFi ecosystem, especially for people at the start of their journey into Web3 and DeFi. The Spritz app is designed to make DeFi bill-pay easy, so that you can get back to doing what you love and spend less time messing with your finances.

Those interested in paying bills through Spritz can currently request beta access to test out the early stages of the Spritz app through the waitlist on our website. Currently, we’re giving priority to beta users located in the United States who are active on the Polygon network. We chose the Polygon network for its scalability and speed, as well as its proximity to major DeFi and Web3 dApps within the Ethereum ecosystem. As one of the strongest ecosystems in the Web3 space today, the need for an app that lets active users streamline their finances from their DeFi positions and into the real world was obvious to us.

What Spritz enables is a brighter future for the DeFi world. With more people onboarding into the space and earning a living with cryptocurrency, looking at it as an investment opportunity is no longer applicable to every user. The Spritz app is the next step for DeFi, enabling fast and secure bill-payment options that minimize the number of swaps, transactions, and fees incurred when moving crypto from wallet to IRL usage.

You can easily bridge assets from Ethereum and other blockchain networks onto Polygon by using the Polygon PoS bridge, located here. For now you’ll need to bridge your assets into Polygon in order to pay your bills with crypto on Spritz if you’re not on the Polygon network already. We plan to open up the app to other networks in the near future.

Join Spritz now, connect your Coinbase Wallet (or preferred wallet) and experience the true freedom of DeFi and a better crypto off-ramp for paying real-world bills!

You can access our waitlist here. Join our Discord to get involved with the community, ask any questions, and let us know of any ideas you may have for how to make Spritz better for you.

We can’t wait to show you what Spritz can do. Cheers!

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