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Announcing our partnership with VaporFi

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spritz vaporfi partnership

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with VaporFi—the world’s most rewarding DEX. Together we’re bringing more value to DeFi with real-world crypto payments to any bill or bank account in addition to the SpritzCard, which lets you load a prepaid Visa with any crypto and spend it anywhere, instantly!

With Spritz, you can off-ramp or pay bills directly from your preferred crypto wallet with any token on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, or Arbitrum. By providing a seamless and convenient experience, Spritz empowers you to go bankless and refresh your finances.

About VaporFi

VaporFi believes in the future of decentralized finance and used that philosophy to create its revolutionary DEX. Swap, stake, and create liquidity pools in the VaporFi exchange while you dive deeper into the world of DeFi with lower fees and more options to earn. Access even more features with fiat on and off-ramping, a multichain bridge, and built-in aggregators to find the best swap rates. VaporDEX is a core solution of VaporFi’s ecosystem of products.

VaporDEX includes Stratosphere, the world’s first loyalty program in DeFi built for spanning multiple products and solutions in the ecosystem. Stratosphere membership is free and members can easily link their wallets to earn across the ecosystem, regardless of the wallet that is in use.

Spritz x VaporFi

We’re collaborating with VaporFi to enhance our presence and engagement within the VaporFi community! VaporFi users can enjoy 10% off on Spritz fees for all transactions just by holding the Stratosphere NFT in your wallet!

This exciting partnership will involve joint efforts across multiple channels, including social media platforms and Discord announcements. Additionally, both VaporFi and Spritz will come together to host engaging AMA sessions, allowing our communities to directly interact and gain insights from our teams.

We also plan to integrate a Spritz widget into VaporDEX as part of a phase-two deliverable. This integration will create a more seamless experience across DeFi by allowing you to swap, manage your crypto, and integrate it with your real-world finances all in one place.

How to register for Spritz through VaporFi

Stratosphere members will receive 10% off their membership, and signing up is automatic. Here's how to get started:

  1. Access the app: OR the website:
  2. Connect your wallet containing your Stratosphere NFT

You're all set to receive 10% off Spritz fees for all transactions!

Stay tuned for more updates as this partnership continues to unfold, unlocking new possibilities and expanding the horizons of the decentralized ecosystem. In the meantime, learn more about VaporFi and the Vapor DEX here!

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