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Unveiling the Enhanced Spritz Referral Rewards!

Table of Contents:

tl;dr Multiply your earnings with Spritz’s revamped referral structure. Introduce friends to Spritz for cashback, commissions, and monthly bonuses. Earn when you share the easiest off-ramp in crypto!

Spritz is more than just a crypto platform; it’s a family of innovators, hard workers, and passive-income prodigies. In our mission to bring more value to our community, we’ve reimagined our referral program to benefit both referrers and referees.

Kicking off the enhanced rewards structure:

Key Points to Note:

  • The reward structure for Tourist, Local, and VIP tiers applies strictly to the first 30 days after the referred user's sign-up. Payouts for these tiers will be distributed at the end of the referred user’s first 30 days.
  • Your referral club status is determined at the end of each month based on a rolling 3-month timeframe. Payouts are also given at the end of each month.
  • Achieving rewards through the Referral Club also depends on either adding new transacting users or amassing a specified total referred transaction volume.
  • Spritz’s fee revenue share calculations are based on Spritz’s tiered fee system.

For a detailed breakdown of the terms and fees, kindly visit our help center.

Ready to earn big? Share your unique Spritz referral link and watch the rewards stack up for you and your friends.

Cheers to a rewarding journey ahead! 🥂

The Spritz Team

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