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Grab your favorite beverage (ours is an aperitif with bittersweet Aperol, and bubbly sparkling wine — duh!). Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the view, because Spritz Finance is here to help you take back total control of your personal finances.

Like you, we’ve been enjoying our experience in DeFi — earning great yields on our hard-earned money, getting a bit of upside from tokens and currencies we like, and being able to move our assets around whenever and wherever we want, even on a Friday night with The Witcher on Netflix playing the background (toss a coin...).

But less enjoyably, we still need to log into our checking account once or twice a month and make sure we’ve got enough cash so that our Chase Sapphire credit card, our car loan, and our mortgage is paid for! If there’s extra cash, it’s a great opportunity to move it to DeFi, but there are always extra funds sitting around doing nothing... like these guys:

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But this should be YOU, not your MONEY.

This is why we created Spritz Finance. With just a few clicks, you give us access to the DeFi protocols that you’re already using — Aave, Sushi, Uniswap — and tell us which bills you want us to service directly from these DeFi protocols. We’ll take care of the rest.

We make sure you’re getting great yields up until the last second before the bill needs to be paid. We seamless withdraw exactly the right funds and issue a payment to your biller, providing you with complete transparency with how we’re unstaking / withdrawing your assets on the blockchain, and providing complete safety and security that your bills are paid on time.

That’s it. No need for you to worry about unwinding your DeFi loans, unstaking your LP tokens, moving tokens to an exchange and liquidating, and then finally moving back to your bank—just so Citicards can grab that cash once per month. Spritz does all of this for you while you’re busy figuring out which NFT to buy or token to ape into.

With Spritz, you can sit back and relax, because you know your money is working for you. Time for you to hit the beach!


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