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Spritz Community Update: July 2022

Hello to all of our Sprites! It’s the middle of summer and we hope you’re staying cool with something refreshing. 🍹 Here’s our July 2022 community update to give you a taste of what’s new and everything we brought to Spritz this month.

July 2022 community update

🔗 Spritz now supports payments through Coinbase Wallet

Now you can link your Coinbase Wallet directly to Spritz to make bill payments with your crypto earnings! We recognized that lots of people use centralized exchanges like Coinbase and their decentralized products like Coinbase Wallet.

The ability to connect to Coinbase Wallet felt like a natural next step for the Spritz app. Now even more DeFi users will be able to pay their bills with crypto without having to first sell to fiat on a centralized exchange and then off ramp to a bank account.

You can read more about how to pay bills through your Coinbase Wallet by reading our latest product update blog.

👐 Private beta open to more US customers

We’ve spent the last month inviting more users to test out the Spritz beta. Our beta testers have been a huge help in making sure the Spritz app is the best it can be, and we’re welcoming even more users to the program in the coming weeks!

Right now, the Spritz beta is open to users with a US bill payment account. That includes US residents living abroad and non-US residents living in the United States (as long as you have a US billing account and mailing address).

We’re giving priority beta access to DeFi users with assets in a Polygon wallet and a bill ready to be paid. You can easily bridge assets to the Polygon network if you’re on another blockchain by following the steps we outlined on our blog.

You’ll also get access to a dedicated beta program chat in our Discord where you can share your experience and be part of the community.

Apply for the Spritz beta today!

💜 Guide to Polygon DeFi

This month we added new educational content to our blog aimed at helping users navigate both Spritz and the DeFi ecosystem easier.

Learn more about using DeFi apps on Polygon, how to bridge assets to the Polygon network, and minimizing gas fees when paying bills with crypto!

📚 The ABC’s of Spritz: Help Center Refresh

We took some time to update our FAQs and Help Center with new content! We did this to increase transparency about how Spritz works, what kind of data it stores, and other common questions we get from our beta users.

👾 Spritz Sessions: Product demo on Discord

We hosted our first Spritz Sessions on Discord by providing a live product demo on July 15 with the Spritz team! It was a great way for our community to get to know the product and our team. Those in attendance also had an opportunity to ask any questions about how to best use Spritz, how our crypto bill pay works, and what we’re working on next.

We’ll be hosting product demos monthly with other exciting events in the works with the next product demo coming on August 15. Join our Discord for information on upcoming events and opportunities and to get involved with the Spritz community!

📰 Spritz in the news! Bill pay beta launch on Polygon, Direct Pay with $USDC, and more

Earlier this month, Spritz was covered in a variety of crypto and web3 publications, including the Daily Hodl, Invezz, and the team at Circle, who featured our Direct Wallet Pay launch. Check out some of the coverage below.

The Daily HODL: Spritz Finance Beta Launches on Polygon Network

The Circle Pressroom: Spritz Finance launches Direct Wallet Pay, the easiest way to pay real-world bills with USDC from any crypto wallet

Invezz: Can MATIC Increase in Value After Spritz Finance Bill Pay Beta Launch?

By supporting stablecoin payments on Polygon through popular wallets like Metamask (with more token support coming soon), Spritz makes near-instant payouts to thousands of US bill pay providers seamlessly, including banks, mortgage providers, and other TradFi institutions. For more on why we decided to launch on Polygon, check out our blog.

🪙 Soon: Pay bills with all tokens!

We’re proud to announce that we’re almost ready to launch bill pay with all tokens on the Polygon network! We introduced our new Direct Wallet Pay feature last month which lets you pay bills directly from your crypto wallet with any stablecoin. You’ve mentioned to us that you would love to be able to pay your bills with any token, so we’re working on making that happen!

Soon you’ll be able to schedule bill payments with any crypto on Polygon directly from your wallet. Choose from thousands of tokens and thousands of bill types to have the most freedom to use your crypto in the real world. Right now we’re testing the feature out and hope to roll it out to all beta users in the coming weeks.

That includes any ERC-20 token that can bridge to Polygon via the Polygon PoS Bridge or similar protocols. We created this helpful guide to help you bridge assets from other networks like Ethereum.

Our non-stablecoin bill payments will work a bit differently from our stablecoin bill payments. When you pay a bill with a non-stablecoin token we’ll take the maximum amount needed from your wallet in order to swap your crypto for fiat currency and pay your bill. If there is any crypto remaining, we’ll return it to your wallet. If you’ve already got some tokens you’d like to pay bills with, you’ll soon be able to schedule a bill payment using Spritz!

Stay cool this summer and enjoy the true freedom of DeFi with bill payments on Spritz! We’re working on a lot more that we’re excited to share with you and can’t wait to get to know our community more. Join our Discord to stay connected, learn about events, and be the first to know about new opportunities and features as they come up. See you next month! ☀️

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