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How Spritz creates real-world use cases for crypto

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How To

Crypto has long been considered an investment strategy in the financial world, but in today’s rapidly expanding Web3 ecosystem users are in need of an easily accessible way to use their crypto in the real world.

The problem today is that off-ramping crypto or using it for IRL purchases is hard. You either have to cash your crypto out for fiat currency, or find businesses that accept crypto as a form of payment—which, unfortunately, are few and far between.

We were just as frustrated about this problem as anyone else, but realized there was a way around this challenge. We sought to create a product that would enable people to pay their bills with crypto instead of waiting for TradFi systems to start accepting it.

Crypto enthusiasts can use Spritz to pay their everyday bills—from their credit cards to their home mortgage—with the on-chain earnings they bring in when participating in a wildly fascinating and growing Web3 ecosystem.

What is Spritz?

Spritz is building the connections between the worlds of TradFi and DeFi. Our beta app lets you pay bills with crypto directly from your preferred Web3 wallet. We launched on the Polygon network to initiate on-chain payment transactions, which keeps gas fees low and also allows fast and easy bridging from other networks like Ethereum.

Spritz enables real-world use cases for crypto by letting you connect your TradFi bill pay accounts to the app. In the app, you can connect your wallet and submit payments with your crypto without having to first off-ramp to a centralized exchange or to a checking account through a bank - yuck!

Using crypto in the real world

Pay off your next vacation, your morning coffee, your dream car, or your forever home by connecting your bills to your Spritz account. You can even pay for your Netflix and streaming subscriptions by paying for them with your credit card and then connecting your credit card bill to Spritz.

The Spritz app connects to thousands of bill-pay accounts in the United States—from utility companies to home lending and student loan service providers. Connect to your Chase Sapphire account, your Wells Fargo home lending account, or your Sallie Mae student loan to pay your bills with crypto in just a few minutes.

With Spritz, you don’t have to wait for TradFi services and businesses to start accepting crypto payments in order to pay with your crypto –  just connect your bills and set up a payment from your preferred wallet, and we’ll handle the rest!

Do my bill providers get access to my wallet when I use Spritz?

Nope! Payments you make through Spritz are submitted to your bill-pay provider in fiat currency after you submit a payment to Spritz with your crypto. You can pay your bills currently on Spritz using any major stablecoin on the Polygon network such as USDC, USDT, and DAI. Stay tuned for more announcements on when you’ll be able to pay with any token on Polygon!

Sign up for the Spritz beta to get started today, and start using your crypto earnings in the real world by integrating your TradFi bill-pay accounts with your crypto wallet.


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