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7 Days of Spritz Payment Quests and Prizes

Table of Contents:
7 day spritz payment quests holiday prizes

Happy holidays! This week is a time to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished this year. For us, it’s a time to express our gratitude for our community. You’ve helped us to get Spritz where it is today. This week we hit over $1 million in total transaction volume launching our private just a few months ago, which wouldn’t have been possible without every single one of you!

To say thank you for your support, we’re going to offer daily prizes for competing in a different payment challenge every day next week, starting Christmas Day and wrapping up on New Year’s Eve.

For each daily quest, you’ll have a new opportunity to earn Spritz Rewards. We’ll reveal a new challenge every morning, so keep an eye out for more details and reminders in your inbox, in Discord, or on Twitter.

Below is a sneak peek of each daily quest, including details of the payment challenge, prize pool, and holiday season bonuses.

We’ve created a theme for each day’s quest as well: our favorite holiday movies mixed with our favorite holiday cocktails. Enjoy!

What’s up for grabs

Each day will have 3 winners who will share a $250 daily prize pool. Winners will be determined by total transaction volume, and in the case of a tie, who completes the challenge first.

  • 1st place will win $125
  • 2nd place will earn $75
  • 3rd place will earn $50

But that’s not all! The 3 winners of each quest will not only win a piece of the prize pool, but also have the transaction fees associated with their payments refunded to them. We’ve also thrown in an extra bonus for the final day’s quest below.

Winners will be contacted during the first week of January to confirm rewards and have their credits issued by the Spritz team.

The 7 Daily Quests (mark ‘em in your calendar)

Day 1 Quest: “White Christmas”
Challenge: Make any transaction on Avalanche network for at least $500. ‘Nuff said.

Day 2 Quest: “Boxing Day”
Challenge: A day of giving. Use our new Spritz Pay feature to pay someone else (via ACH bank transfer) at least $1,000.

Day 3 Quest: “Jingle All The Way”
Challenge: Off-ramp at least $3,000 to your own bank account.

Day 4 Quest:  “Holiday in the Sun”
Challenge: Time to take a load off. Pay at least 1 credit card bill, totaling $4,000 or more.

Day 5 Quest:  “The Polar Express”
Challenge: Make a car payment of at least $500. Or a SUV payment. Or a truck payment. You get the gist.

Day 6 Quest: “Home Alone”
Challenge: Pay your mortgage and/or home utility bills, totaling $2,500 or more. Then look in the mirror and do your best Macauley Culkin screaming face.

Day 7 Quest: “About Time”
Challenge: Who's ready for 2023? Complete at least $5,000 in transaction volume on New Year’s Eve to end the year on a high note.

PLUS BONUS: Everyone who completes the minimum $5,000 transaction on December 31st, will automatically receive $50 in Spritz rewards. Everyone! 

Good luck, Sprites! And may you all have a White (and very green 🤑) Christmas!

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