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Announcing Spritz x DRIP Community Rewards

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announcing spritz drip community rewards

tl;dr The more bills you pay with Spritz, the more money Spritz puts into the DRIP community! This partnership aims to bring more value to everyone in the DRIP community with up to $35,000 in rewards!


A few months ago we brought support for the DRIP token on Spritz, which lets you pay bills, off-ramp, or load your SpritzCard with $DRIP straight from your wallet. We wanted to show further support for those of you who are active in the DRIP community and give you something that will give back!

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with the DRIP community, which will enable rewards for DRIP users that go directly back into the token to increase value! We’re giving over $35,000 in rewards that will go back into the $DRIP token for the next two months, just by using your crypto in the real world. Check out the infographic further down to learn more about how you can help take $DRIP to the moon when you use Spritz! 🚀

About Spritz

Spritz is your ticket to use your crypto in the real world. Take a sip of financial freedom by using Spritz to off-ramp, pay bills, or buy anything with thousands of tokens across 6 networks! Spritz bill-pay and off-ramp offers quick and easy ways to pay bills and move money into your bank account, while SpritzCard lets you load a prepaid Visa with crypto to spend anywhere.

About the DRIP Community

The DRIP community is a network dedicated to the first-ever deflationary, daily ROI platform. This decentralized community comprises thousands of DeFi users around the globe who use the DRIP faucet to trade and re-invest their $DRIP tokens.

Community Earn Program

The community earn program offers over $35,000 in rewards that can be earned by signing up new Spriz users, making payments through Spritz, or growing more active users in the Spritz community! 

Participating in this program can pump up your token and earn rewards that bring more value to DRIP! There are three ways to earn rewards through using Spritz, which is broken down below:

The more you use Spritz, the more you earn towards rewards that make $DRIP even more valuable! 

Every two weeks, Spritz will calculate the amount of rewards earned and buy that amount of $DRIP to go back into the community. $DRIP will be purchased from the Drip Network site using $BNB and then sent to the vault. We will provide weekly snapshots of each of the three milestone values in a Tweet, including the blockchain transaction for the token buyback!

How to get started

1. To register for the community rewards program, log in to your existing Spritz account or create a new one on Spritz here.

2. After logging in, connect a wallet that has interacted with the DRIP Network smart contract. You only need to do this once, and there is no special URL or code required. There won’t be any difference in how you see the Spritz app versus a non-DRIP holder. Once you connect your wallet, we’ll detect that you’re a drip user and will add you to the community earn program!

Spritz and DRIP Community partnership

This partnership between Spritz and DRIP aims to bring more value to both our users and the DRIP community. By connecting with the DRIP community, Spritz is able to offer more opportunities for users to earn rewards while providing real-world use for crypto! We can’t wait to see how you use the DRIP community partnership.

Lastly we would like to express our appreciation to Drip Coach for helping not only spearheading this project but also keeping his foot on the gas to help us get it across the finish line.

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