Use your crypto the way it was meant to be used —


Spritz lets you pay bills, off-ramp, and spend your crypto anywhere with the click of a button.

Send crypto to your bank
Pay your bills
Spend your crypto with a SpritzCard
Send crypto to your bank
Pay your bills
Spend your crypto with a SpritzCard

Why Spritz?

Say goodbye to:

Waiting for companies to accept crypto payments, you could be waiting forever.

One mistake sending crypto from one place to another means that you could lose funds for good.

Swapping, bridging, and sending crypto to an exchange just to off-ramp it is costly and time consuming.

Spritz makes it easy to use your crypto anywhere in the real world, without having to swap, bridge, or send crypto to an exchange.

Get your time back.

Your free time is precious.
Don’t spend it moving money around.
Pay with crypto straight from your wallet with Spritz.

Trust the process.

Web3 can be complicated.

Spritz isn’t.

Take care of you first.

Sit back and relax knowing that your bills are covered.

Hear it straight from our customers

“I’ve paid several bills using crypto and off-ramped some crypto to the bank, but today was the best day when I used the SpritzCard via Apple Pay. I don't know of a similar product that is so easy to use and works as smoothly. Thank you Spritz.”

George S.

“Spritz has been the most practical web3 dApp that I've encountered. The ability to make payments from my crypto wallet via a virtual card -- and with non-intrusive KYC and relatively low fees so far -- has instantly become a game-changer. I'm truly grateful that Spritz now exists.”

Curtis H.

“This was something I've been looking for since I started learning and investing in DeFi. The hassle of using exchanges to pull off money and fees that are going to a bill anyway is a waste. I had three bills paid and two of my bank accounts linked in less than 10 minutes. That was just amazing.”

Andrew R.

Unlock your crypto spending potential

Spend your crypto anywhere

Load your SpritzCard and use it in seconds.

Pay your bills

Take care of the boring stuff straight from your wallet.

Go off-chain easily

Send funds to your bank in one click.

See how we stack up against exchanges

Spritz offers faster and easier payments that let you stay in control of your crypto.

Low fees
Easy to use
Accepts any asset
3 steps or less
Low fees
Easy to use
Accepts any asset
Time spent
Steps to make payment

“The ability to go truly ‘bankless’ is finally here. Take control of your money and live your crypto life to the fullest with Spritz today. Otherwise the the big banks and big exchanges will continue to dictate when and how you can use your crypto!”

Chris Sheehan
Spritz Founder

We’re here to help

How does Spritz work?

At Spritz, we’re building the bridge between crypto and traditional finance. Link your real-world bills like your credit cards, utility bills, mortgage payments and more to your Spritz account and then pay them seamlessly with assets in your crypto wallet. Or off-ramp directly to any bank account in the US—like your checking account or your landlord's account to pay your rent!We handle the swaps, so all you have to do is set up the payment and hit send. Pay bills or off-ramp directly from your Web3 wallet easily and securely from your favorite blockchain network.

Which countries do you support?

Right now, Spritz is open to users in the United States or US residents living abroad with US bill pay accounts. We hope to open Spritz up to more countries and customers in the future.

What kind of tokens can I pay with?

You can now pay your bills with any crypto held on Polygon, Ethereum Mainnet, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and Optimism, including major stablecoins, such as USDC, USDT, or BUSD as well as all other non-stablecoin tokens like MATIC, ETH, AVAX, Optimistic ETH, and BNB. You’ll need a bit of the native token for the network you use in your wallet to cover gas fees - MATIC, ETH, AVAX, Optimistic ETH, or BNB can also be used for the bill payments as well!

Which blockchain networks do you support?

Spritz is on the Polygon, Ethereum, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Binance Smart Chain networks! We're working on integrating with more blockchains in the future.

Does Spritz charge fees?

Spritz uses a tiered fee structure based on monthly transaction volume. The more bills you pay or crypto you off-ramp, the less you pay in fees! As you set up your payments, you’ll see an explanation of the fees in the price estimate for your bill pay and off-ramp before finalizing each transaction. Our tiered pricing model applies to all transactions on both the Bill-pay and Off-ramp tools.