Unlock $2,000 worth of free transactions*

Do you have gains from passive income, crypto mining, or investing in crypto? Do you want to cash out to diversify your investments, pay some credit bills, or support your friends and family?

Our 2-minute KYC and 1 click solution will you have off-ramping your BTC, ETH, or #Altcoins directly from your wallet to your bank, without worrying about having your private info shared with banks, government, or others


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Unlock $2,000 worth of free transactions

Spritz has become part of my routine for off-boarding from crypto when I’m taking gains to pay for things like supporting my family and paying my mortgage

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James Pelton

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We offer crypto payment solutions to fit your lifestyle.

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Send crypto to your bank

Off-ramp any asset directly from your wallet.

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Take care of yourself
Pay your bills

Choose from thousands of providers and pay directly.

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Spend crypto at millions of merchants worldwide.

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Peace of mind
Secure payments

Keep your crypto in your hands

Complete freedom
Pay anyone

Pay your rent, pay your friends, pay your parents!

Get your time back
Automated payments

Set it and forget it with automated crypto bill payments.

Over $23 million processed
for Spritz users

We offer crypto payment solutions to fit your lifestyle.


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