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Spritz Community Update: December 2022

Forget WAGMI, we actually did make it! As did all of you - in this market!

Our team is winding down this last week of the year and getting some much needed R&R as we prepare for the new year ahead. But don’t worry, all customer support lines are open, and we’re still here to serve you.

We have lots of new features in the works, including payment support for new chains and coins, as well as other product launches that we’re excited to share with you in the new year. For now, we’ll turn our attention on all that we accomplished this month (and year!)—including more multi-chain payment options, and the launch of a long-awaited feature: Spritz Pay!

We also want to look back on this past year at what we’ve accomplished together. We recently exceeded $1 million in bills paid since our beta launched just a few months ago, and we’ve only just begun. Thank you so much for the love & support you’ve shown for Spritz, we adore each and every one of you!

A sneak peek at what’s in our December Community Update:

December 2022 community update

⏳ Spritz 2022 Year in Review

Wow, what a big year! When we launched Spritz earlier this year we wanted to create a platform that allowed DeFi users to get more out of DeFi. There are tons of services to help you stay in DeFi, but very few out there that will help you get real-world value out of the crypto that you earn on-chain.

Here’s a taste of what we accomplished together in 2022:

Product releases:
🧾 Bill Pay: Pay IRL bills from your Web3 wallet
🌈 Off-ramp: Pay yourself with 1-click off-ramp to your bank
💸 Spritz Pay: Pay anyone else with crypto ACH transfers

Multi-chain payments with any token on 6 (and counting) blockchains:

Total payment transaction volume:
$1.2 million+

Largest single day volume::
$58,710 (November 29, 2022)

Total number of bills paid:

Top tokens used for payments (by total # of transactions):
USDC - 18%
USDC - 13%
BUSD - 11%
BNB - 6%
ETH - 6%
MATIC - 5%
Other tokens - 41%

Top 10 most popular bills paid:
 1. Chase Sapphire Reserve
 2. American Express Credit Card
 3. Capital One Platinum Mastercard
 4. Chase Student Visa Credit Card
 5. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card
 6. Citibank Platinum Select
 7. Aidvantage Student Loan
 8. Nelnet Student Loan
 9. Discover Bank Rewards Discover Credit Card
10. PayPal Credit Card

Spritz Community growth:
🦜 Twitter: 11K+ followers
👾 Discord: 1,700+ members

Here’s to an even bigger and better 2023! 🥂

💸 Spritz Pay launch

Last week we launched Spritz Pay, a new feature that lets you pay anyone with crypto by sending an ACH payment to their TradFi bank account. You send crypto, they get fiat. You can use Spritz Pay to pay your rent, pay some invoices, pay your friends, or just send some cash gifts to your loved ones this holiday season.

To use Spritz Pay, select “Pay someone else” from the Bill Pay section of the app. You can then add an external bank account with your recipient’s account/routing numbers, and specify the name of the account owner. You’re all set to start sending crypto to USD payments directly to their account! Just one transaction to pay rent to your landlord with crypto—or anything else!

⛓️ Payments on Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum!

We were so excited to announce that we’ve expanded payment support to three new blockchains this month! Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum felt like the right choice because they have strong communities and large Web3 ecosystems.

Avalanche is a popular ecosystem for DeFi and blockchain-based gaming, with more projects popping up seemingly every day! Optimism and Arbitrum were two highly requested Layer-2 networks that our community requested to add onto Spritz.

Enjoy streamlined off-ramps and bill payments straight from your preferred Arbitrum, Optimism, or Avalanche supported wallet. Want to see us add support on a new blockchain in the future? Let us know here!

📣 Holiday Referral Challenge

Guess what? We increased our referral rewards from $20 to $50 earlier this month! Now when you share Spritz with a friend, you and your friends will each earn $50 when your friend completes their first payment(s) of $50 or more!

To celebrate the increase, we’re challenging our community to share their link with friends! Split a $500 prize pool for top referrers, plus other rewards when you share your referral link!

☕ Hot Toddy: Top 5 Sprites who refer the most friends that complete a minimum $50 transaction before Dec 31 will each win $100 (in addition to their $50 reward). Min 5 referred users to qualify.

🥛 Holiday Nog: All others who refer at least 2 new friends that complete a minimum $50 transaction before Dec 31 will each get a $20 bonus (in addition to their $50 reward). Min 2 referred users to qualify.

Winners of the Spritz Blitz Referral Challenge will be contacted by January 7th with news about their rewards.

🎁 7 Days of Spritz Quests

We’re about to kick off our 7 Days of Spritz Quests, so check out the details below and get ready to gift yourself some cash!

Each day will have 3 winners who will share a $250 daily prize pool. Winners will be determined either by total transaction volume or time to complete the challenge.

  • 1st place will win $125
  • 2nd place will earn $75
  • 3rd place will earn $50

But that’s not all! The 3 daily winners will not only win a piece of the prize pool, but also have the transaction fees associated with their payments refunded.

Winners will be contacted during the first week of January to confirm rewards and have their credits issued by the Spritz team.

Day 1 Quest - December 25th: “White Christmas"
Challenge: Make any transaction on Avalanche network for at least $500. ‘Nuff said.

Day 2 Quest - December 26th: “Boxing Day”
Challenge: A day of giving. Use our new Spritz Pay feature to pay someone else (via ACH bank transfer) at least $1,000.

Day 3 Quest - December 27th: “Jingle All The Way”
Challenge: Off-ramp at least $3,000 to your own bank account.

Day 4 Quest - December 28th: “Holiday in the Sun"
Challenge: Time to take a load off. Pay at least 1 credit card bill, totaling $4,000 or more.

Day 5 Quest - December 29th: “The Polar Express”
Challenge: Make a car payment of at least $500. Or a SUV payment. Or a truck payment. You get the gist. 

Day 6 Quest - December 30th: “Home Alone"
Challenge: Pay your mortgage and/or home utility bills, totaling $2,500 or more. Then look in the mirror and do your best Macaulay Culkin screaming face.

Day 7 Quest - December 31st: “About Time"
Challenge: Who's ready for 2023? Complete at least $5,000 in transaction volume on New Year’s Eve to end the year on a high note. 
PLUS BONUS: Everyone who completes the minimum $5,000 transaction on December 31st, will automatically receive $50 in Spritz rewards. Everyone.

🌽 Guide to Crypto Tax-loss harvesting

One of our goals for this year was to create more educational content in the Web3 space. We want to encourage the growth of this ecosystem, and that starts with sharing why we believe in it.

This month, and just in time for year-end, we published our guide to tax-loss harvesting. Did you know that you can save a little bit on your crypto taxes just by paying bills and using Spritz to off-ramp crypto to your bank account?

There’s still a few days left in 2022, so offset any gains you may have had this year by paying bills with crypto on Spritz, or just off-ramping to your bank account at a loss.

That’s a wrap for 2022! What would you like to see from Spritz in 2023? Let us know here, or check out our Discord community to get involved and just get to know us on a personal level. We promise, we’re pretty fun!

Cheers! 🍹
The Spritz Team

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