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Spritz Community Update: March 2023

Spring is here, Sprites! We spent the winter adding tons of new features to Spritz, like new chains and tokens, UX fixes, and a couple of big features that we launched this month! We’ve got a lot to fill you in on in this month’s community update, so let’s get started!

Here is everything we brought to Spritz during March 2023:

spritz community update march 2023

💳 SpritzCard is here! Load with crypto and pay for anything IRL

This month we launched two big new features, SpritzCard and SMARTPay! SpritzCard is a prepaid virtual card that you can load with any crypto on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum and use to pay for things in the real world.

Use your SpritzCard to make purchases online, or add it to your mobile wallet such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay to easily pay for anything with crypto! Your SpritzCard is accepted anywhere that accepts Visa, which is millions of merchants worldwide!

To sign up for your SpritzCard, head to the Spend tab in the Spritz app to get started. Once your card is all set up, you can load it with crypto and make purchases anywhere!

🔁 SMARTPay: Recurring crypto bill payments from any wallet

For months we’ve seen you asking for the ability to make recurring bill payments, and now it’s here! This month we launched SMARTPay, which you can use to set recurring transactions on your bills when you pay with USDC on the Polygon network.

As a thank you for using Spritz every month, we’re covering all gas fees on SMARTPay transactions! Enjoy a lower cost way to pay your bills with crypto and get back your valuable time.

To set up a SMARTPay transaction head to the bill-pay section of the Spritz app and click “Set up recurring payment” in the bill you want to pay. Then follow the prompts to set the amount you want to pay each month, and how long you want the SMARTPay subscription to go for. That’s it!

🔐 2FA now available

We care about your security and trust in Spritz, so we added the ability to implement 2-factor authentication on all Spritz accounts that were made with a username and password sign-in. (If you’ve signed up through your Google account, you don’t need to set up 2FA through Spritz.)

To set up your 2-factor authentication, head to your profile settings in the Spritz app and scroll to the bottom, then click on the button to set up 2FA and follow the instructions to get started.

📝 How to pay a credit card with crypto in 2023

There are lots of ways to pay a credit card with crypto in 2023 when you use Spritz—or you can load your SpritzCard to use your crypto instantly, anywhere! The rest of the world might still be in the past, but we’re in the future. Check out our blog post this month to learn everything you need to know about how to pay a credit card with crypto!

🤔 AMA with Jamzee: Find out the easiest way to convert crypto to fiat

This month our founder and CEO Chris Sheehan was busy doing AMAs all over the online sphere. We love getting to know you all through these AMAs and they’re a great way to ask any questions that you might have about Spritz! Keep an eye out for lots of upcoming AMAs and check out our AMA session with Jamzee here!

💧 DRIP community integration

Welcome to the DRIP community! We’re thrilled to be able to offer a wider integration with $DRIP, and now you can off-ramp, pay bills, or load your SpritzCards with your $DRIP earnings straight from your wallet! We’re working to bring even more integrations to Spritz in the future, so let us know if there is a coin or token out there that you would love to be able to use to pay bills or make purchases IRL.

We love hearing from you! Let us know how you’re liking Spritz so far by tagging us on social media (we’re @SpritzFinance on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram!) or you can keep up with us in Discord.

The Spritz Team

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